2448 liters of beer without documents were seized by customs officers at Danube Bridge Ruse-Giurgiu


Customs officers in the area of Danube Bridge 1 Ruse - Giurgiu seized 2448 liters of beer. Consignment of beer was not accompanied by the documents required under the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act. The beer brand "SKOL", was traveling in a truck with Bulgarian registration, loaded with different types of food from Romania. According to the bill of lading all the goods in the truck had to be unloaded in a warehouse in Sofia.  According required by law simplified accompanying document a company in Nicosia, Cyprus, is the recipient of beer. This apparent discrepancy between what is written in the bill of lading and the simplified accompanying document led customs inspectors to begin administrative criminal proceedings. The entire amount of beer brand "SKOL" is on hold. The product is distributed in 3455 cans each in 0.500 liters and 288 plastic bottles of 2.5 liters each.