Customs officers from Rousse Customs House seized various commercial goods during a series of checks


A variety of goods - fabrics, clothes, cosmetics, cigarettes and even equipment for hot showcase were seized by Customs Officers from Rousse Customs House during a series of checks of buses near the town of Byala. The buses were traveling at night from Turkey to Romania. When checking the first bus in the luggage of one of the passengers - a Romanian national, were found 238 undeclared textile articles. In the luggage of another passenger on the bus - Turkish citizen, were found 80 boxes of cigarettes brand "Karelia Ome Menthol" and "Superslims". In the second bus were found 2450 meters of cloth. During the checking in third bus it was found that a Romanian citizen was carrying 33 perfumes and toilet waters. In the cargo compartment of the bus Turkish citizen was carrying grill and restaurant equipment for 26 000 BGN. All undeclared goods was seized, the violators will be penalized according to the Customs Law.