Customs officers at Kalotina customs checkpoint seized 24 kilograms of cocaine, worth 4.5 million BGN


Almost 24 kilograms of cocaine were seized by customs officers at Kalotina customs checkpoint. Pre-trial proceedings have been instituted on the case on the docket of Capital Customs House, under the supervision of Sofia District Prosecutor's Office. The driver of the truck was detained for 72 hours in custody. This was announced today, 19/10/2016, from the director of Customs Agency Mrs. Rozalia Dimitrova at joint briefing with the participation of General Prosecutor's Office and the District Prosecutor of Sofia Natalia Nikolova.

The value of cocaine is about 4.5 million. The drug was discovered yesterday in a truck with Turkish registration number. The truck was traveling from Germany to Turkey, loaded with parts for train wagons. The lorry was initially scanned with X-rays. In the ensuing physical examination, customs officers found a package in the bed of the driver. Another 20 packages were found in the cavities of the driver's cabin.

37-year-old truck driver, a Turkish citizen, was arrested for 72 hours. The Prosecutor's Office has filed charges against him for smuggling high-risk drugs. This is the third case of arrested cocaine recently. The total amount of cocaine recovered since the beginning of the year is about 30 kg. Detained by Customs Agency quantity of heroin this year is 316 kg.