Inspectors from Rousse Customs House seized 1,700 boxes of cigarettes during a specialized operation


Inspectors from Rousse Customs House held a special campaign about the compliance with customs and excise legislation while passing Danube Bridge BCP. A total of 1726 boxes (34 520 pieces) of cigarettes were seized during the campaign. Some of detained tobacco / 400 boxes / are without Bulgarian excise labels. They were illegally carried by two truck drivers, Romanian and Turkish citizen. Drivers concealed purchased cigarettes from duty free shop in the cavities of trucks. Both are being held in custody. Pre-trial criminal proceedings are instituted against them.

Another part of the detainees cigarettes are commercial quantities with Bulgarian excise labels that are exported from the country for sale in Western Europe, but without the required by law simplified accompanying document. Two such violations were detected by customs inspectors at the Danube Bridge BCP. In one case, the driver has constructed a secret compartment in the double bottom of the trailer. There he concealed 700 boxes of cigarettes. Administrative criminal proceedings are instituted in both cases.