Customs Officers at Malko Tarnovo seized smuggled silver bullions and silver cups


Customs Officers at Malko Tarnovo BCP found nearly 9 kilograms of smuggled silver items - five silver cups and three bullions of silver with a total weight of 7 773 g and about 1000 g metal scrap containing silver. The undeclared silver items were found during a detailed customs check of a car with Romanian registration, traveling from Romania to Turkey through Bulgaria. The driver and a passenger in the car said they do not carry to declare nothing. During a customs check the passenger in the car recognizes that in her handbag brings 1000 g scrap for jewelry. Customs officers found in secret compartments in the car another 3 silver bullions and 5 silver cups. The driver, Romanian citizen, admitted that all the silver articles in the car and the bag are his property. He was sanctioned according to the Law on Customs and Monetary law.