Inspectors from Rousse Customs House seized 8,800 hand-filled cigarettes in "bush sleeves"



Officers of department "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" in Rousse Customs House seized at Road stop inspection 8800 pieces hand-stuffed cigarettes in boxes of cigarette blanks filter. Part of home-made cigarettes were found in a car "Peugeot 307" driven by a man from Ruse. During inspection of the car customs inspectors discovered in the back seat two paper bags filled with a total of 25 cardboard boxes with inscriptions "Mascotte", "X-Long Filter" and "200 Filter Tubes". Each box contains about 200 cigarettes. 

During the search of the apartment of the owner of the car customs officers found two bags containing 19 boxes of the same type. Each of the boxes is filled with 200 cigarettes.
The total quantity is equal to 440 ordinary boxes with 20 pieces of cigarettes each. All tobacco products are without Bulgarian excise labels. Pre-trial proceedings on the docket of Rousse Customs House was opened in connection with the case.