Customs officers found 110 kilograms of marijuana in the cab of a truck near Danube Bridge 2


110 kg of marijuana were found during a check near the Danube Bridge 2 Vidin - Calafat in joint action of Bulgarian and Romanian customs and police officers. On the evening of 11/21/2016, a mobile team of Customs of Lom, together with police officers from Vidin, stopped to check a truck driven by 26-year-old Bulgarian citizen. The truck was carrying refrigerators from Bulgaria to Germany. The vehicle was selected for detailed customs check with a mobile X-ray machine. The Customs officers found in the cab of the truck a secret compartment, filled with packets of dry grass, smelling of cannabis. The consignment was abundantly sprinkled with washing powder to not be disclosed from service dogs. The detained drug is 158 packages with a total weight of 110,7 kg. A pre-court proceeding was initiated on the case. The driver was arrested.