Contraband currency and gold in socks and shoes of passengers were found by Customs officers at Lesovo


Gold plates and silver ornaments, undeclared currency and illegal cigarettes were found by customs officers during a customs check of a car traveling from Turkey through Lesovo BCP. Were seized

166 silver articles with a total weight of 660 g, 11 gold plates with a total weight of 355 grams, undeclared € 13 700 and 1 200 cigarettes without excise stamps. The car with Romanian registration was selected by a customs mobile group for detailed check. In a sealed envelope in the secret compartment in the car were found a total of 166 jewelry items - rings, bracelets, pendants, chains, including two metal plates. It was found that silver articles are owned by one of the passengers. In the same passenger was found and undeclared currency- € 13,700 in denominations from 50 to 500 euros placed in packets in his socks and into the pockets of his pants. In making personal checks on the driver, customs officers found that in the shoes of the man are hidden 11 gold plates of different sizes and a total weight of 355 grams. In his hand luggage, customs officers found 1,200 pieces / 60 boxes / cigarette brand "KENT" without excise labels.

Against the two violators - the driver of the car and one passenger, Romanian citizens from Bucharest, were issued acts under the Monetary Law and Law on Customs.