Customs officers at Malko Tarnovo found smuggled currency for over 70 000 BGN


Customs officers at Malko Tarnovo BCP found smuggled currency for 71 887 in BGN. Undeclared currency was found in two Bulgarian citizens, traveling by car brand "BMW" from Turkey to Bulgaria. During customs inspection of the vehicle and passengers, customs officers found in the pockets and wallets of the driver and one passenger total undeclared 45,500 Turkish liras, € 14,050 and $ 10,650. Both violators were sanctioned according to the Monetary law and the Law on Customs.
The Burgas Customs officers remind all the passengers that a person entering or leaving the EU territory can carry in cash non-declarable amount of maximum 10 000 euros ( or equivalent). The exceeding amount of cash has to be declared at the Customs authorities, regarding the Monetary law and the existing Regulation 1889/2005 of the EU.