Customs officers revealed a warehouse for illegal alcohol through advertisements on the Internet


Customs officers revealed a warehouse for illegal alcohol near the village of Lozenets, Municipality Straldja. The owner of the store was selling alcohol over the Internet. Customs officers of Directorate "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" at the Central Customs Department Sofia detected suspicious message for the sale of alcohol to a site on the Internet. Customs officers from Customs of Burgas have established contact with the seller as customers undercover. During the customs inspection of illegal warehouse were seized 489 liters of ethyl alcohol in plastic bottles and tubes with color and smell of brandy. For the alcohol were not presented any documents. The illegal alcohol was seized. Samples were taken for laboratory analysis.

The operation was made on January 3, 2017 with the assistance of officers from the Regional Directorate of the Interior Ministry Yambol. The work on the case continues.