А new version of BECIS and AIDA systems with functionality to provide a registration number



We would like to inform you that on 24.01.2017 a new functionality of Bulgarian excise centralized information system (BECIS - БАЦИС) and Automated Information System for administrative work (AIDA - АИДА) will be deployed. This functionality will provide the following:

  • - Request or Notification is submitted electronically in BECIS and BECIS provides registration number for example П10-029/ 10.01.2017.
  • - And in addition to the above mentioned registration number (BECIS number) AIDA will generate automatically another number (AIDA number 32-1511/10.01.2017) for the same Request or Notification.

If there is necessity for you to apply additional paper documents, you should provide them at the competent customs authority and in this case you should use the automatically generated number by AIDA.