Customs officers seized more than 7 kilograms of cocaine near the Danube Bridge 2


7.190 kg of cocaine, hidden in a sofa, seized by Customs officers  in the area of Danube Bridge 2. On 03/02/2017, in the area of Danube Bridge 2 Vidin - Calafat, in joint actions of a mobile team of Customs of Lom and employees of the General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime was selected for inspection entering in the country a truck with Bulgarian registration. In the vehicle  traveled two Bulgarian citizens transporting used furniture from Holland. During the customs inspection, including with X-ray equipment, in one of the sofas were found six packages containing white powder. In testing the substance has reacted cocaine. The total quantity of detained drug is 7.190 kg. For the case was initiated a pre-court proceeding in Customs of Lom and the persons were detained.