Customs officers seized illegal alcohol and tobacco from storage in Vratsa

Customs officers from "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" at Customs of Lom found 205 liters of ethyl alcohol in tubes and 8.375 kg of tobacco for smoking without paid excise in storage in Vratsa. On February 8, 2017 Customs officers, together with officers from the "Economic Police" at Vratsa District Police Directorate checked a store base in the city of Vratsa. In one of the storerooms were found during the inspection plastic tubes filled with 205 liters of ethyl alcohol with a different color and smell. For this alcohol were not presented any documents for origin and paid excise according to the Law for Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses. In the same room are also found plastic bags containing a total of 8.375 kg cut smoking tobacco without excise labels. The illegal alcohol and the tobacco were seized and samples were taken for laboratory analysis. Act of administrative violation shall be initiated against the offender.