Customs officers found more than 1800 boxes of illegal cigarettes at sofa and in a shop


Customs officers from the department "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" to Customs of Burgas seized 1846 boxes / 36 920 pieces / illegal cigarettes and 17 995 kg of smoking tobacco without excise label during an inspection in a shop in a private apartment in the city of Sliven. Customs officers found in the shop at the entrance of an apartment block 206 boxes /4120 pieces/ cigarettes without excise labels of different brands and 7 930 kg of cut smoking tobacco in bags. During a customs inspection at the apartment of the owner of the shop were found another 1640 boxes

 /32 800 pieces/ cigarettes and 10 065 kg of smoking tobacco in bags, as much of the cigarettes were hidden in the upholstery of the sofa in the apartment. Samples were taken for laboratory analysis of the detainee tobacco. The work on the case continues. For the case was initiated pre-trial proceeding in the inventory of Customs of Burgas, under the supervision of Sliven District Prosecutor's Office.