Customs officers found nearly 100 kg of tobacco for hookah in boxes with croissants in the area of Danube Bridge 2


Customs officers from mobile team of Customs of Lom found 96 kilograms of tobacco for hookah in boxes with croissants. The illegal shipment of tobacco was seized from a truck with Bulgarian registration, carrying commercial goods to EU countries. Customs mobile team stopped the truck to check in the area of Danube Bridge 2 Vidin - Calafat around midnight. During the inspection, customs officers found that one of the pallets with croissants contains tobacco for hookah in packs of one kilogram with brand "Al Fakir" without Bulgarian excise labels. The packages with tobacco were placed at the bottom of the boxes under croissants. Customs officers seized a total of 96 kg of tobacco for hookah without Bulgarian excise stamp and without supporting documents to guarantee payment of excise duty. For the case was initiated pre-trial proceeding in the inventory of Customs of Lom.

Only days ago Customs officers from Customs of Lom seized near Danube Bridge 2 others 60 kilograms of illegal tobacco for hookah in sealed metal cans without labels.