Customs officers found 1200 pairs of sneakers during inspection of a truck in the region of Vidin border checkpoint


1200 pairs of sneakers were seized by Customs officers from a mobile team of Customs of Lom because of suspected falsified logo of trademark "NIKE". The sneakers were found in a truck with Bulgarian registration, transporting aluminum profiles for Britain.  A mobile team from Customs of Lom stopped the truck for a customs check in the region of Vidin border checkpoint around 4:00 am on 6 March. During the customs inspection of the truck with X-ray equipment, customs officers found suspicious cargo behind the aluminum profiles-100 boxes with 1 200 pairs of sports shoes with a logo of the trademark "NIKE". The sneakers were seized in implementation of Regulation (EU) № 608/2013 and the Law on Brands and Geographical Indications. For the case will be informed holders of the trademark. The work on the case continues.