Customs officers from Ruse Customs House found nearly 20 000 pieces smuggled cigarettes in drivers' cabs of trucks



Customs officers from Ruse Customs House prevented three attempted smuggling a total 19 620 pieces  /981 boxes/ without Bulgarian excise labels. In all three cases the cigarettes were hidden in the natural cavities of driving cabs, in Turkish trucks, coming out of the country through the Danube Bridge checkpoint Ruse - Giurgiu.

In the first case customs officers selected for detailed check the truck coming out of the country and traveling to France. During the inspection the customs officers found in different locations in the driver's cabin hidden a total  8400 pieces /420 boxes/ cigarettes „L&M Red Label" without Bulgarian excise labels. Several hours later during the inspection in the another Turkish truck customs officers found hidden in natural cavities in the driver's cabin 4000 pieces / 200 boxes / cigarettes "Murad Black" and "MM classic slims". In the third case customs officers found 7 220 pieces /361 boxes/ smuggled cigarettes with brands „Murad Alamdar" и "L&M Red Label". 

All smuggled cigarettes were seized.