Customs officers at Lesovo found smuggled perfumes under a driver's seat


Customs officers at Lesovo customs checkpoint seized 569 smuggled perfumes from 43 different brands during customs inspections together with mobile customs groups in recent days. The perfumes were found in secret compartments and in the luggage compartments of three vans traveling from Turkey to Bulgaria. 100 women's and men's perfumes brand "Eyfel" were found under the driver's seat of a van "Volkswagen Transporter" driven by a Turkish citizen. In another minibus with Moldovan registration and passengers, the Customs officers found two bags with 328 undeclared perfumes. 141 undeclared perfumes were found in another van with Moldovan registration. A stratement for violation of the law on Customs was issued against violators - a Turkish citizen and two Moldovan citizens. Some of the perfumes have a logo of global brands. In compliance with EU Regulation №608/2013 and the Law on Brands and Geographic indications will be informed the owners of the relevant brands.