Customs officers at Lesovo found over 1500 boxes of cigarettes in secret compartments


Customs officers at Lesovo customs checkpoint found 1568 boxes / 31360 pieces / of cigarettes without excise labels in secret compartments in three trucks, a van and a bus with passengers during  joint inspections with customs mobile groups in recent days. The violators are four citizens of Bulgaria, one Romanian and one Iranian citizen, traveling to Bulgaria from Turkey.

12 600 pieces / 630 boxes /of cigarettes brand "LM" were found by customs officers in the double ceiling in the driver's cab of a truck, driven by a Bulgarian citizen. 7560 pieces / 378 boxes / of smuggled cigarettes were found under the seats of a bus. 4400 pieces / 220 boxes / of cigarettes were found in a box for a fire extinguisher in a truck with Romanian registration. 3800 pieces / 190 boxes / of cigarettes brand "Victory Slims Deluxe" were seized from a truck, driven by an Iranian citizen. 3000 pieces / 150 boxes / of cigarette brand "Assos" were found in a van with Bulgarian registration.

The violators are sanctioned by acts under the Law on Customs.