Customs mobile group found Illegal fabrication of alcohol in a registered establishment



During inspection customs officers seized 9600 liters of alcoholic drinks and spirits of  in a registered establishment in the area of Perushtitca. Customs officers found in two storage rooms a total 7160 liters of which 12 plastic container with a capacity of a ton each, which contained 2970 liters of ethyl alcohol /spirit/, 3590 liters of  alcoholic - brandy, vodka, anisette and 600 l of ethyl alcohol with alcohol content by volume of 71%. 

During inspection customs officers found more and about 2420 liters of alcohol spilled in bottles and cans. Customs officers found 150 glass bottles without labels, with a capacity of  0.5 and 0.7 liters with labels: vodka, anisette  and brandy, and plastic containers with a capacity of 3, 6 and 10 liters containing, according to the assigned tags, vodka, brandy and liquors. Customs officers discovered and appliances for the production of alcohol.

For the case was notified an investigating a customs inspector at the Plovdiv Customs House.