Customs officers at Lesovo seized illegal electronic cigarettes


Customs officers at Lesovo customs checkpoint found 482 undeclared electronic cigarettes, 50 batteries for them and 1,250 packs of fragrances in a car. The car "Renault Cango" with Turkish registration was traveling from Bulgaria to Turkey driven by a Turkish citizen. The driver of the car said that does not carry anything to declare. During a detailed customs check in the trunk of the car Customs officers found 482 electronic cigarettes with brands "Kanger Tech" and "iStick Pico Mega", 50 batteries for electronic cigarettes and 1250 liquid flavors for electronic cigarettes of five different brands in capsules from 10 ml and 30 ml. The contraband electronic cigarettes, batteries and fragrances were seized. An act of administrative violation of the Law on Customs was issued against the violator -Turkish citizen with initials C.Y.