Customs Officers at Lesovo found 1200 perfumes in a double wall of a van


Customs Officers at Lesovo customs checkpoint found 1200 perfumes in a double wall and undeclared 350 pairs of sneakers during a check of a cargo van. The smuggled goods have logos of world renowned brands and suspected to be counterfeit. The van brand "Mercedes Sprinter" was entering the country from Turkey at night, driven by a Ukrainian citizen. The driver declared that carry textiles from Turkey to Ukraine and has submitted a transit declaration. The van was selected for customs inspection. Customs officers found in the van undeclared 350 pairs of sneakers brand "Adidas". Customs officers dismantled a side wall-secret compartment full of perfumes- a total of 1 200 perfumes in packs of 40 to 100 ml of 27 different brands, including "Bulgari", "Paco Rabanne", "Armani", "Chanel", "Dolce & Gabbana", "Lancome", "Hermes" and others. The contraband perfumes and sneakers were seized. In compliance with EU Regulation №608/2013 and the Law on Brands and Geographic indications will be informed the owners of the relevant brands. A stratement for violation of the law on Customs was issued against violator - a Ukrainian citizen with initials S.H.