Officers of Svishtov Customs House seized 236 liters illegal alcohol in town Knezha



Officers of the department "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" at Svishtov Customs house revealed 236 liters of ethyl alcohol in the home of a man from the town  Knezha. It was found that the person systematically engaged in the sale of alcoholic beverages, but they have no document of origin and duty paid. Part of alcoholic distillate was distributed in bottles of half a liter, ready for sale. Another quantity of alcohol distillate was distributed in tubes of mineral water with a variable volume. There are bottles of essences for a different kind of fruit rakias.

Pre-trial proceedings against the trader of illegal alcohol has opened at the discretion of the District Prosecutor's Office in the town Knezha. The investigation is led by investigating customs inspector from Svishtov Customs House.