Customs mobile teams seized 8,600 pieces of illegal cigarettes during inspections in the area of Makaza BCP



Drivers hide contraband cigarettes in panel, wings and backs of car seats

Customs officers of the Customs mobile group found 8600 pieces / 430 boxes / contraband cigarettes during two inspections of Makaza BCP.

In the first case the smuggled cigarettes were found in the car "Opel Vectra" with Turkish registration. The car was selected for a thorough inspection during the entry from Greece. The driver and his companion, Bulgarian citizens, said they did not carry excise goods. The inspection found that in the dashboard and on both front fenders are concealed cigarette brand "Karelia slims". The driver recognizes that cigarettes are his. 5800 pieces / 290 cans / cigarettes were seized.

Just a day later smuggled cigarettes were found in the back of the front seats of a car "Seat Alhambra" with Bulgarian registration. The car was stopped for inspection at entry into the country of Greece. The discovered smuggled cigarettes are the brand "Assos slims". The responsibility was taken again by the driver of the car. He stated that cigarettes are his. Total 2800 pieces / 140 cans / cigarettes were seized from the car.

Pre-trial proceedings were initiated in both cases on the docket of Plovdiv Customs House.