Officers from Lom Customs House detained illegal alcohol in two separate cases - one selling online and another in a small distillery



More than 1340 liters of illegal alcohol were discovered by customs officers from Lom Customs House during two inspections.

In the first case, officials from Lom Customs House noticed an Internet advertisement for the sale of "home-made" rakiya in the Belogradchik region. A mobile customs team contacting the seller and arranging an appointment. He arrives on the meeting with 11-liters  rakiya.  Upon request, he does not present to the officials any documents for paid excise duty. An investigating customs inspector and customs officers from Operational Control perform a follow-up inspection at the vendor's home where they find the stored illegal alcohol.The total amount of rauiya retained is 174 liters.

On the other occasion, customs officers from the Operational Control of Lom Customs House checked the registered small distillery in municipality Oryahovo, where customs officers established 960 liters of ethyl alcohol produced on the same site but in violation of the Excise Duties and Taxes Act Warehouses. The inspection continued in the distillery owner's house. Another 200 liters of illegal alcohol was found there The total quantity retained is 1166 liters of alcohol The quantity is not entered in the inventory аnd the owner does not submit a document for paid excise.

Pre-trial proceedings were initiated in both cases in Lom Customs House.