1000 boxes of cigarettes and over 47 kg of smoking tobacco were seized in a campaign of Ruse Customs House



1000 boxes of cigarettes without a Bulgarian excise excise label and 47.5 kg of tobacco were detained on Thursday at the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Department in Ruse Customs House.
Tobacco was discovered in a 43-year-old man's car. The customs officers stopped the vehicle for inspection in the area of the Bus Station in Slivo Pole town. Black polyethylene bags, filled with a total of 47.5 kg cut tobacco are detected in the passenger compartment and in the trunk of the car. The goods are seized. The administrative-criminal proceedings will be instituted against the offender.

Later that day, when checking vehicles with a risk profile in the Byala district, customs inspectors stopped a car with darkened rear glasses. 20 boxes of cigarettes "FAST" and 980 boxes of cigarettes brand "Royale Blue", inscribed in "Duty free sale only" stacks were found in the car. The total amount of cigarettes retained is 20,000 pieces. Criminal proceedings have been initiated in connection with the case of the Ruse Customs House. The total value of the goods is 7500 BGN.