Bulgarian National Customs Agency began implementation of a project funded by Operational Programme "Good governance"



Bulgarian National Customs Agency began implementation of a project „Improvement of the National Customs Agency's fundamental information systems for providing data and services to external systems - BICIS 2020 (Phase 1)"  funded by Operational Programme "Good governance".

Effectiveness, simplification and facilitation of trade are the most important principles of the Modernized Community Customs Code - Regulation (EC) No. 952/2013, entering into force on 01.05.2016. The new code aims to rationalize and simplify customs legislation and procedures, to create conditions for more effective customs operations respecting the modern requirements, to create a new electronic paperless customs environment and to facilitate customs procedures for the legitimate trade.

The global legislation reform and the implementation of entirely electronic data exchange between customs and trade in EU, will transform the customs and customs-related processes and also the functioning of the Customs Union as a whole. The changes of customs business processes require a change of the electronic customs systems.

Taking into account the obligations of Bulgarian National Customs Agency, arising from EC initiatives e-customs and e-excise, Republic of Bulgaria e-Government national strategy 2014-2020 and Bulgarian National Customs Agency Strategy 2014-2020 and for the implementation of e-Customs sectoral strategy 2016-2020 and Roadmap of the e-Customs sectoral strategy, the project results to be achieved are:

-Harmonization of processes and information systems, according to EU requirements, integration with central and EU components and systems;

-Implementation of electronic on-line interfaces for data exchange with external national and EU systems;

-Provision of convenient e-services to citizens and economic operators

These aims will be reached through the implementation of Phase 1 of BICIS 2020 project, including the following stages and measures from the Roadmap of the e-Customs sectoral strategy.

The project is under contract № BG05SFOP001-1.002-0002-C01 for granting financial assistance under the procedure BG05SFOP001-1.002 "Priority projects under the Roadmap for implementation of the Strategy for the development of e-governance in the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2016-2020"

The total project cost is 12 261 266.00 lev

Construction period: from 01.05.2016 until 31.12.2018