Customs officers detained 3100 liters of alcohol in the Plovdiv area



Within one week officials from Plovdiv Customs House seized a total of 3100 liters of alcohol without excise duty paid.
6906 bottles containing a total of 2484 liters various types of alcoholic beverages were found in a storage room in Plovdiv. All bottles are covered with old, invalid excise labels. In the storage room, besides alcoholic beverages, customs officers have also discovered a machine for placing plastic spools of bottles. Customs investigation was initiated in connection with the case in Plovdiv Customs House.

A customs check in a private property in Katunitsa revealed 630 liters of alcohol, placed in plastic bottles with a capacity of 10 liters. Part of the bottles contain labels for mastic. The remaining bottles were smelling of vodka and rakiya.
The cases were discovered by the "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" after the collection and analysis of information about risk persons and objects. The goods are held in customs  storage.