A large amount of tobacco for hookahs and cigarettes without banderol were detained on the Danube Bridge BCP Ruse-Giurgiu



Ruse customs officers detained 149 kg of hookah tobacco and 180 boxes of cigarettes without banderol in an attempt to be transported across the Danube Bridge border checkpoint. Three pre-trial proceedings were instituted against three men to hold excise goods without excise labels.

Al Fakher hookah tobacco was discovered during a checkup on a Silistra registration van traveling from Bulgaria to Spain. Initially, the driver and passengers said they had nothing to declare and did not carry excise goods. In the luggage compartment of the vehicle, Customs inspectors from the Anti-Trafficking Unit initially discovered 10 boxes. Each carton contains 10 kg of hookah tobacco. The total amount is 100 kg. One of the passengers said the commodity was his. He had to deliver the tobacco to a recipient in France.

Upon subsequent checking luggage, customs inspectors discovered other 49 kg of the same types of tobacco for hookah in the bag of another passenger. He gave explanations similar to the other passenger's explanations.

Pre-trial proceedings were initiated on the inventory of Ruse Customs House with the two exporters of excise goods without documents for paid excise duty. Passengers and goods are detained. The total value of the detained tobacco at litigation prices is estimated at  50,660 BGN.

A Turkish registration number truck was stopped for inspection late last night. The vehicle travels from Turkey to Sweden. Customs inspectors find 180 boxes of cigarettes of the brand "L & M" Red label on the left side of the cabin, behind the driver's seat in a factory cavity. All cigarettes are without Bulgarian excise labels and labeled Duty Free. Penal pre-trial proceedings have been instituted against the truck driver. Preliminary investigation is conducted by an investigator of Ruse Customs house.