Inspectors from Rousse Customs House prevented the smuggling of goods for a total value of nearly 200,000 BGN


Officers from Rousse Customs House prevent the smuggling of goods at a total value of nearly BGN 200,000. TIR with Romanian registration was detained at the Danube Bridge border checkpoint when trying to leave the country. By documents, the truck traveled from Turkey to Romania and carried a groupage of goods.

Customs officials doubted the cargo and directed the vehicle for a thorough customs check. The smuggling was hidden in the center of the trailer between other officially declared goods. Customs officers found 2,255 pairs of sport shoes bearing the world famous brands: "ADIDAS", "NEW BALANCE", "PUMA", "GIVENCHY", "GUCCI", "VERSACE" and others. Smuggling packages also contained 18,468 pairs of male stockings and 14,200 pieces of toys.

The driver admitted that he had imported the goods smuggled from Turkey. He had to deliver this to Romania. Pre-trial proceedings for smuggling in particularly large sizes have been created in connection with the case. The driver has found himself guilty and has entered into an agreement with the prosecutor's office, which has been approved by the court. He was punished by a fine of 10,000 leva and two years imprisonment with a 4-year probation period.