Officers of Ruse Customs House seized over 13,000 pieces of illegal cigarettes in two pre-trial proceedings



Two pre-trial proceedings for the holding of cigarettes without a Bulgarian excise band were created for the last day in Rousse Customs House. A total of 658 cans of tobacco products from different brands have been detained.

A woman carrying 500 boxes of illegal cigarettes was arrested by inspectors of the Rousse Customs House on Thursday night in the center of the city. All cigarettes are of the brand "Business Royals", with Latin inscription "For duty free sale only".

A Romanian truck driver carried 158 boxes of cigarettes of different brands without a Bulgarian excise label. Customs officers stopped the vehicle for inspection on Thursday evening before leaving the country via the Danube Bridge BCP. The cigarettes were hidden in factory cavities in the driver's cabin.

The total amount of detained cigarettes in the two pre-trial proceedings is 658 packages, equivalent to 13,160 cigarettes.
The cigarettes were confiscated and their owners were arrested and brought to justice.