Customs dog Rovey and his driver won the first prize at an international competition



Dog Rovey and his guide, a customs officer from Gyueshevo Border Customs Point, won the first prize at the International Office Dogs Competition, organized by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. The competition took place from 10 to 12 May 2017 in Ternepol, Ukraine. The winners competed with 11 teams from eight different countries in the discipline to detect drugs. The dog Rovey competes in four rounds - a search in a car and a truck, a search in luggage and a search inside a room about hidden drugs. At each of these stages in the competition the Bulgarian customs dog won the maximum number of points - 100. On the race for a search of a truck - the dog Rovey  found the drugs for a record 13 seconds.

The second team of the Bulgarian customs administration - the black Labrador Gerard and his leader - the chief inspector of the Kalotina customs border point competes in the "cigarette search" discipline. The team achieved a record time (less than one minute) when searching in a car. Gerard received a special prize for a veteran dog. Two years ago, the same dog won second place at an international competition in Moldova.