Customs and police officers detained 6000 l of illegal diesel in Sofia



6000 liters of fuel without documents for paid excise duty were arrested during a joint inspection of officers of the Metropolitan Customs House and the General Directorate "National Police".

The check was made on 07.06.2017 at a fuel trading site in the Sofia region. Customs and police officers found that three vehicles were parked at the fuel station - two minibuses and one pickup truck. There the inspectors found four plastic containers filled with diesel. Plastic containers were connected to fuel hoses.

The inspection found that vehicles and vessels with energy products were used by the petrol station owner, but he did not submit excise duty documents.

The total amount of fuel is 6000 liters. It has been detained in a warehouse of the Metropolitan Customs House. The three vehicles are also detained. An act of establishing an administrative violation will be drawn up against the owner of the fuel station.

More than 60 sites for trade and production of excise goods were checked in three specialized operations with the participation of the Customs Agency and 4 other governmental institutions. The following violations were found on the sites: lack of 1 ton of wine distillate and 380 liters of vodka; Not recorded in the stock log 2000 liters brandy and 55 liters more ethyl alcohol. Pre-trial proceedings were initiated in Varna Customs House for finding 139 one-liter bottles of spirits outside the tax warehouse in Kaspichan city.