70 000 Short illegal cigarettes were arrested by officers of Customs Check Point Zlatarevo


Customs officers detained 70,000 pieces (3500 boxes) of smuggled cigarettes at Customs checkpoint Zlatarevo. Cigarettes are revealed on June 7, 2017 when a minibus enters the state. The vehicle has a Bulgarian registration, driven by a Bulgarian citizen. Customs officers diverted the vehicle for a detailed customs check. During the inspection, they found that there were hidden cigarettes with Macedonian excise labels in artificially created secret places - in the floor, at the back of one of the seats and at the rear of the van. Cigarettes are trademarks of "Trokadero Slims" (1500 boxes) and "Eva Slims" (2000 boxes).
A pre-trial proceeding  was  initiated in connection with the case of the Southwest Customs House.