Customs mobile group found illegal alcohol in the on re-check in the area of Perushtica


Customs mobile group  found  illegal alcohol on a re-check of a registered object in the area of  Perushtica. On 13.06.2017 during the inspection customs officers found in one of the storage rooms 45 l of ethyl alcohol in plastic containers of different capacities with the smell of mastic, brandy, and vodka. In the second compartment found one-tonne plastic tank, which contained a 600 liters of ethyl  alcohol. It was established that the goods were not entered in the stock records of the tax warehouse, that they did not pass through the measuring instruments, and that there were no documents certifying the payment of the excise duty due.

Near the registered tax warehouse customs officers found that 1765 bottles of champagne were stored, again without documents for paid excise according to the Law for Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses.

The alcohol was seized in the warehouse of  Plovdiv  Customs House.

Two months ago in the same warehouse were found  9 600 liters of ethyl alcohol without documents for paid excise. A pre-court proceeding was initiated on the case.