A large quantity of goods bearing the logo of famous brands are detained by customs officers on the Danube Bridge 1



Customs officers of Rousse Customs House hold 5000 pieces of clothing and shoes, as well as 150 perfumes bearing the logo of famous brands. Goods were found in two separate inspections of vehicles traveling from Turkey to Romania via Danube Bridge 1 border checkpoint.

In the first case, on the night of June 14, customs officers checked a truck transporting groupage goods from Turkey to Romania. Thorough inspection of the goods shown that described in official documents, children's kits, shirts, pants and shoes are actually labeled as products of world famous brands. 5000 Product captioned "Superman", "Spiderman", "Armani", "Dolce & Gabana", "Philip Plein", "Givenchi", "Gucci", "Lacoste", "Adidas", "Puma", "Nike" , "New Balance" and others were confiscated during the inspection.

150 perfumes of the same world-famous brands are found in the luggage of a passenger from a Romanian bus traveling on the Istanbul-Bucharest route. The luggage owner admitted that he had bought the goods from Turkey.
  All suspicious items are detained in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 608/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council. Rightholders of the respective brands are notified.