Customs officers found the illegal tobacco factory in Plovdiv



On 27.06.2017 customs  officers  from  „Customs Intelligence and Investigation"  at the Customs of  Plovdiv  were carry out  an inspection at a warehouse in Plovdiv. During the inspection it was found several bales of tobacco, of which 16 kg of cured smoking tobacco and two pieces of electrical machines for cutting tobacco leaves. Shortly before that, when checking car „Volkswagen Passat"  driven by Veselin R. at the age of 24 were found in the trunk  190 kg of finely cut tobacco, distributed into 20 sacks.

The tobacco, the car and  the  two  electrical machines for cutting tobacco leaves were seized. The tobacco samples were taken for laboratory analysis.

A pre-court proceeding has been initiated in the case.

The Plovdiv Prosecutor 's Office is about to file charges Veselin R. under  Art. 234, paragraph 2, point 2 of the Criminal Code. Veselin R. is detained for 24 hours.

 Plovdiv Prosecutor's Office brought charges of  Gulzhan A., 19 g ,, and Alexander R., 33 under  Art. 234, paragraph 2, point 2 in conjunction with Art. 234 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code. They have provided Veselin's  the smoking tobacco found  in the his car from illegal tobacco factory. The offenders  were seized  for 72 hours.