Customs officials detained 160 kg of marijuana and 4,658 kg of cocaine



160 kg of marijuana and 4,658 kg of cocaine were detained by customs officers on two separate occasions, which were presented today at a briefing with the participation of the Director of the Customs Agency Georgi Kostov and the administrative head of the Appellate Prosecutor's Office - Albena Vutova.

The two detentions are due to the excellent work done by customs officers. "I hope that the work of such officers will positively influence the reputation of the customs administration in the eyes of society," said Director of the Customs Agency Georgi Kostov.

The first detention was carried out by a mobile team at Lom Customs House in the area of Danube Bridge 2. Inspectors found that one of the two truck tanks was filled with 172 packages of marijuana. The total weight of the narcotic is 160 kg. The two drivers were detained for 72 hours. The prosecutor's office brought charges against them. The Penal Code provides for confiscation of the vehicle that smuggled.  

The captured consignment of cocaine at Kalotina border checkpoint is the result of the professional work of the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Team and the Department of Combating Drug Trafficking. The drug is found in the cavities of a car traveling from Turkey to the Netherlands. The wife and the three children of the driver traveled in the same car. Customs officers discovered 4 vacuum-packed cocaine packages. The total weight of the packages is 4.658 kg.

We are criticized for being too strict in control, and this hinders traffic, but cases such as these show that control is necessary, said the Director of the Customs Agency.  He also reported that in recent days, Kalotina's customs officers have detained nearly 400,000 euros -  illegally carried currency. Money will be confiscated for the benefit of the state.