Smuggled gold and silver products for over 50 000 BGN were seized by Customs officers at Malko Tarnovo border checkpoint


1 235 grams of contraband gold and silver products were seized by Customs officers at Malko Tarnovo border checkpoint. They were revealed two attempts for illegal imports. In the first case, 316 grams of gold jewelry were seized by a driver of tourist bus with passengers, traveling from Turkey to Romania via Bulgaria. The driver, Romanian citizen, has declared that he imports 180 grams of gold jewelry, during the customs inspection were found 316 grams gold jewelry. Act for administrative violation was issued against the Romanian citizen with initials S.A.

Other undeclared 408 grams of gold and 511 grams of silver jewelry were found in the handbag and the clothes of a Bulgarian citizen- woman traveling by bus from Turkey to Bulgaria. At the request of officers from the Border Police was carried out personal examination of the woman on the bus. Against the Bulgarian citizen with initials Г.С. was also issued act for administrative violation.

The seized in both cases total 724 grams of gold and 511 grams of silver products for 51 276 BGN are subject to seizure for the benefit of the state.

In another case, on 20.07.2017, around 20.30 in the evening at Malko Tarnovo checkpoint, customs inspectors check the bus that transports tourists from Turkey to Romania through Bulgaria. The bus driver has declared that he is carrying 180 grams of gold jewelry for which he has submitted a currency declaration. When measuring the gold declared by him, customs officers found that it was 227 grams and exceeded the declared quantity. In the old driver's shoes placed in his handbag, customs officials find two more packages of undeclared 89 grams of gold. The whole quantity of 316 grams of gold was taken. An act of violation of the Currency Law and the Customs Act was drawn up against the Romanian citizen - the driver of the bus.