Illegal cigarettes in plastic cans and boxes of sesame candies were detained in Byala



Customs and police officers detained 12,140 pieces of illegal cigarettes and 7kg of tobacco, hidden in cans and in "sesame candy" boxes. The goods were found on check in a private property in the town Byala, Varna district.

Cigarettes are trademarks of Business Roles, Roseman and Comliment, without a Bulgarian Excise Label. The check was carried out by a customs mobile group and an officer of the "Economic Police" on 18.07.2017. Pre-trial proceedings on the inventory of Varna Customs House were initiated in connection with the case. At the prices of the proceedings, the detained tobacco products are over 7000 levs.

A day earlier, on 17/07/2017, in the cemetery of  Burgas, customs mobile group checks the car. In the trunk of the car, inspectors find black plastic bags of cured smoking tobacco. The total amount of retained tobacco is 100 kg. An administrative criminal proceedings will be instituted on the case.