Customs mobile group withdrew alcohol with incorrectly placed excise labels at a hotel in Tsarevo



390 bottles of high alcohol  with incorrectly placed excise labels were revealed by a customs mobile group during a check in a hotel in  Tsarevo region.

On 02.08.2017, in view of the hotel's warehouse, customs officers identified 390 bottles of different alcoholic, covered with a valid excise sticker pattern under transparent shrink film. In the detailed view, customs officers found that, when removing the foil, excise labels are removed from the bottle without disturbing its integrity. That is, the excise label is not placed on the consumer packaging in such a way as to ensure that the use of the product is impossible without its destruction by tearing. This circumstance contradicts the requirement of the Act. Bottles are seized as material evidence. Such a breach implies a sanction for the licensed warehouse keeper who has affixed the excise labels.

Two weeks ago another customs inspector found in  Primorsko area such an improper placement of excise labels with another 522 bottles. The possibility of opening the bottle without breaking the integrity of the excise label creates a risk of re-use of the securities.