Customs officers found nearly 1 kg of contraband gold jewelry in a secret compartment of a truck



Customs officers from a customs mobile group found in a secret compartment in the driver's cab of a truck 976 grams of contraband gold jewelry worth about 66 000 BGN.

The truck traveling from Turkey to Romania was stopped for inspection at the Lesovo border checkpoint on 20.08.2017 around 5 pm. The driver said there was nothing to declare.

During the customs check in the cab of the truck, customs officers found in a secret compartment in the dashboard of the truck, complete with three black packages containing a total of 976 grams of gold jewelry, tagged with factory mark of 14 carat gold. The Turkish citizen, the truck driver, has been personally inspected and customs officers found a total of 3650 euros in the different denominations

Turkish citizen H.H.D. was detained. A pre-court proceeding was initiated against him on the inventory of Customs of Burgas, which is under the supervision of the Yambol Regional Prosecutor's Office. The vehicle is also detained. According to the initial expert report, smuggled gold is worth about 66 000 BGN. The work on the case continues.