Customs officers found more than 45 kg of tobacco and scents for hookahs in a souvenir shop in Sunny Beach


More than 45 kg of tobacco and scents for hookahs have been found by customs officers from Customs of Burgas at a souvenir shop in the Sunny Beach resort. The check was carried out on 17.08.2017 by officers from the Operational Control Sector at the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Department at Customs of Bourgas. A total of 44.28 kg scents for hookah- chocolate, pineapple, strawberries and others in 369 boxes without excise stickers were seized from the store stands and warehouse area. They were also found 24 boxes with a total of 1.2 kg of tobacco for hookahs affixed with a Bulgarian excise label, but a valid permit for trade with tobacco products is not available for the shop. All tobacco products have been seized by customs officers. Administrative penal proceedings will be initiated. This is the second consecutive violation of the same trader only within August.