An undeclared currency for over BGN 35 000 seized by customs officers at Malko Tarnovo BCP


An undeclared currency of EUR 17 980 and USD 400 with a BGN equivalent of BGN 35 843 was retained by customs officers at the Malko Tarnovo BCP. The contraband currency was found in a bag of personal belongings of a driver of a car. The car with a Romanian registration has arrived at the Malko Tarnovo BCP on 23.08.2017 about 15.30. The car has traveled from Romania to Turkey via Bulgaria, driven by a Turkish citizen with a registered address in Romania. The driver has said that there is nothing to declare. During the customs inspection, undeclared 17 980 euros and 400 USD were found in different denominations. Of these, only a few banknotes were placed in his wallet, and the rest of the currency was hidden in a black plastic bag placed on the bottom of a handbag with personal belongings. An act on the Currency law and the Customs law was issued against a Turkish citizen with initials D.E. The undeclared currency will be seized for the benefit of the state.