Over 3 400 liters of alcohol seized during customs inspections in the Rousse and Varna regions


A large quantity of 3 000 liters of illegal alcohol were seized from a private home in the town of Byala, Rousse during a joint inspection of Customs officers from the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Department of Customs of Rousse and police officers from the district police station in Byala on 23.08.2017. Three containers containing 2972 liters of ethyl alcohol with a concentration of 95% vol. were found during the inspection.

On the same date, 23.08.2017, a team of customs mobile group from the Central Customs Administration conducted a check on a private property in the village of Zdravets, Varna district and 411 liters of ethyl alcohol with alcohol grades of 47 to 98% vol. were seized.

The inspections are the result of conducted operational-search actions and collected information.The seized alcohol is without documents for paid excise duty and origin. Samples were taken of the retained ethyl alcohol. After the laboratory analyzes, administrative penal proceedings will be initiated.