Customs officers and Border Police officers found nearly 2 000 boxes of contraband cigarettes in a ship's cabin


1970 boxes / 39 400 pieces / undeclared cigarettes without excise labels were found by Customs officers and Border Police officers in an uninhabited cabin on a ship. The ship, flying the Maltese flag, arrived in Bourgas on 29.08.2017 in the evening from Turkey. The captain of the ship has presented to the Customs officers a captain's declaration, a crew's declaration and a declaration of the goods and property contained in the ship. After validation of the declarations, Customs officers and Border Police officers carry out a joint inspection of the ship at the request of Border Police Bourgas. During the inspection of one of the ship's uninhabited cabins, they found 197 boxes with a total of 39 400 pieces of undeclared cigarettes of four different trademarks, all with the Inscriptions "For duty free sale only". The smuggled cigarettes were seized. A statement for violation of the Law on Customs was issued against the captain of the ship.