Inspectors from Rousse Customs House seized over 45 liters of rakiya from an illegal car dealership



Inspectors from Rousse Customs House detained over 45 liters of rakiya without documents of origin and paid excise duty from a black market trader. He offered his goods at a parking lot around major hypermarkets.

On 30.08.2017g., In conjunction with increased controls over the distribution of excise goods inspectors from Sector "Operational Control" have carried detour around the city. They noticed a suspicious car with tinted windows.
Inspectors stop him for inspection. Behind the driver's seat and trunk, inspectors found a total of 45.5 liters of rakiya distributed in plastic tubes and bottles.

The amount has been withdrawn. Administrative-criminal liability will be sought by the owner of the illegal excise goods.
Experience in recent years has shown that parking lots around large retail chains are a preferred place for traders of illegal excise goods because of the large flow of customers.