Customs officers at Lesovo Border Chekpoint seized more than 4000 textiles with the logo world famous brands



       Customs officers from a customs mobile group and Border Police officers at Lesovo found 4 296 textiles with the logo world famous brands hidden in the truck. The truck arrived at Kapitan Andreevo BCP on 07.09.2017, traveling from Turkey to England and Ireland, via Bulgaria, driven by a Turkish citizen. The truck was selected for detail check. During the inspection customs officers found 2480 boxers with the logo of Calvin Klein and 1386 short and long sleeves and tracksuits with the logo of Gucci, Armani, Hugo Boss, Polo. There are also 430 underpants on the tracksuit of the football team "Arsenal". In examining X-ray control customs officers found of the 60 boxes of cigarettes and 2 kg of smoking tobacco, hidden in the driver's cabin.
The smuggled textiles, the tobacco products and the truck were seized.
A pre-court proceeding has initiated in the case.
In compliance with EU Regulation №608/2013 and the Law on Brands and Geographic Indication the case will be assigned to right owners of the relevant trademarks.