Contraband currency and auto parts were seized by Customs officers at Lesovo border checkpoint


25 500 euros and 191 car parts were seized by Customs and border officers at Lesovo border checkpoints during an inspection of a Turkish car entering the country. The car, Audi A6 brand, with a foreign registration, arrived at Lesovo border checkpoint on September 26, 2017 at about 21:00, driven by a Turkish citizen.

The vehicle has been selected for a thorough customs check. During the inspection in the luggage compartment of the car were found 191 undeclared automotive components - sensors brand "Mercedes". When the driver was personally inspected, a total of 25 500 euros were found in his pockets. The car, the smuggling currency and the auto parts were seized.

An administrative act for violation of the law on Customs and the Currency Law was issued against the driver of the car - Turkish citizen with initials B.D. for undeclared currency. For the smuggled car parts against him was initiated a pre-trial proceeding on the inventory of Customs of Burgas, under the supervision of the Yambol Regional Prosecutor's Office.