More than 400 children said "No" of drug use through their participation in the initiative of the Customs Agency and DEA


 More than 400 children from Sofia, Dupnitsa, Teteven and Blagoevgrad took part in the anti-drug initiative "Red Ribbon", organized by the Customs Agency and DEA. All passengers at Sofia Airport became involved in the motto of the Proud To Be Drug Free event, which took place today in the Departure Hall of Terminal 2. The initiative is in memory of Enrique Camarena, DEA agent, abducted and beast killed by Mexican drug traffickers.

US Deputy Ambassador Andrew McClearin said: "I would like to thank the Customs Agency and our DEA colleagues for organizing this event. This is the eighth annual event and we deeply appreciate the hard work of Mr. Stefan Bakalov and his team of professionals every year. "

"New drugs on the market today are more dangerous than ever, they are very powerful and they have the sole purpose of making you drug addicts - so traffickers can earn more from you" - Edward Kofi, head of DEA's office in Bulgaria, said that.
Stefan Bakalov said: "The use of narcotic drugs leads to addiction that confuses your life and that of your relatives!" He told the students about the dangers of different types of drugs. Some of the children have just entered the role of customs officers and have drugged some unknown substances.

Stefan Bakalov noted a positive trend in the reduced number of new types of narcotic substances. "This is an example of the effective fight against drug trafficking and proliferation in Bulgaria," Bakalov told reporters. However, this does not mean that the risk has diminished, as stronger substances appear on the market.
The musical stars Plamen and Ivo sang their hit songs.
"Actavis" Folk Ensemble - Dupnitsa, Dancing School "Dance Station" - Sofia, taekwondo team - Sofia and Dancing Wheels - Sofia showcased children that sport and art are the only way to live and have fun without you hurt yourself.

Customs officers demonstrated to students how their trained dogs Epsy, Diana and Nero discovered drugs. Officers from the Drug Trafficking Division played out the teenage detention of drug traffickers with raccoons, sirens, and special cars.
The highlight of the program was a flash mob  in the Departure Hall of Terminal 2, Sofia Airport, and in the eyes of hundreds of travelers, the students danced with the help of dancers from Dance Station.

The "Actavis" Ensemble brought a Bulgarian element to the "Red Ribbon Week" tradition, which features over 80 million people worldwide, performing in Bulgarian folk dances.
The Bulgarian anthem sounded at the finish. The children listened with hand on heart.